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Robert Ellaby
The Greater Mysteries Tarot.

This tarot deck was produced as part of the Gareth Knight Christian Kabbalistic course. It was part of the third degree work and also part of my progression towards my initiation into 'The Greater Mysteries'. These were interesting and inspiring times, but producing one's own tarot was just part of the course of instruction. The cards were not produced, or intended to be, part of a commercial venture, nor were they intended to be shown to the general public. They were just part of what was required of me. They came into being between the end of 1982 and the beginning of 1984. From then on the cards sat in a drawer.

Eventually I found that my interests and inclination moved towards Hermeticism. I became a friend and colleague of Adam McLean who has helped me to show my work on his alchemy web site. As a token of my appreciation I gave the tarot pack to Adam, hopefully to aid his own Tarot project. Adam and I have worked together now for more than thirty years, hopefully we have contributed towards, and continue to keep alive, the Western Mystery tradition. The Tarot and its images help to keep the work vibrant. Another friend of mine suggested that I should produce a new set of tarot cards. I foolishly replied, "No thanks, the Tarot has been done to death." The Tarot can never be done to death ! Each person, each epoch, take a different view. The Tarot is a living thing, as such unlike many traditions, it will, I hope, never die.

Finally the best way of understanding the Tarot is to produce one's own deck. The effect upon our understanding of our true self, is more than profound, it is awe inspiring. Because I produced my pack as part of my quest for the Greater Mysteries, I would like them to be called The Greater Mysteries Tarot. That was thirty years ago, perhaps it is time to make a new pack ?